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Food & Beverage

Lexfood is a platform designed and developed by the Italian attorney-at-law and food law expert Luca Galizia to cover food regulation issues, also in relation to sustainability, in Italy, the European Union and the rest of the world, with the aim of connecting food professionals.

Articles on the Lexfood blog cover, among other topics, food additives, food supplements, maximum amount of vitamins and minerals that can be added to functional products, the use of botanicals, health claims, novel foods, borderline products and food trade law (import/export).



Luca’s expertise covers:

advertising (including on websites, social media, promotional materials, etc.), labelling and health and nutrition claims, bridging the gap between regulatory issues and marketing strategies;

comprehensive controls and notifications of food supplements;

legal opinions on various issues (novel foods, product composition, functional foods, FSGs, import and export, etc.);

Training courses tailored for clients;

Guidance in developing compliant by-design products;

relations with Italian and European public authorities;

litigation (appeals against sanctions, seizures, etc.) and assistance in crisis management;

Legal aid for importing/exporting food & beverage products;

Trademarks, patents, protected designations of origin and protected geografical indications, trade secrets and copyright protection;

advocacy (representing companies’ legitimate interests before the Italian and EU authorities).

Luca has worked in the area of food law for many years, with great passion, discipline, and a sincere sense of curiosity and enthusiasm.



Luca Galizia

[email protected] | Mob. +39 349 8821785

Founder and Author of Lexfood